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Riley Rocket is an action-packed musical adventure comedy. Young Riley and the members of her group MegaBlast have supersonic powers, and they transform themselves into secret superheroes who use the power of music to save their community. In addition to their instruments, Riley's wheelchair, Alex's skateboard and Theo's bike also transform themselves when the characters become superheroes!

Riley idle pose Rocket superpower pose

Riley Rocket

Riley wants to make the world a better place with her music and side hustle as a superhero! Riley sees her power chair as an opportunity to be inventive. Whether she’s rocking out or fighting crime as Rocket, Riley loves being the leader of her group Megablast!

Theo idle pose Thunder superpower pose

Theo Thunder

Theo often has his nose in a textbook or is dreaming up a new philosophy or theory, but when there's trouble in Greenville, he never backs down from helping save the day as Thunder! Theo’s awesome keytar-playing is the secret sauce to Megablast’s versatile sound.

Alex idle pose Metallix superpower pose

Alex Metallix

Alex is the dynamo drummer of the band and he likes it LOUD! He jumps headfirst into everything and when he transforms into skateboarding Metallix, his drums and cool tricks help him save the day!

Beatrix idle pose Trix superpower pose

Beatrix Trix

Beatrix is Riley’s pet hedgehog and lovable sidekick. When the gang springs into action, Beatrix transforms into Trix. Her main superpower is rolling and bouncing at high speed, and busting out some sweet dance moves!

Tina idle pose


Tina was the lead singer of an all-girl band back in the day. She’s taught Riley that she can do anything she puts her mind to and loves seeing her rock out with Megablast!

Jon idle pose


Jon was the lead guitarist for a ‘90s-style Britpop band, but has since retired into the role of family man! He loves collaborating with his family every chance he gets.

Aunt Jenny idle pose

Aunt Jenny

Aunt Jenny is a long-time family friend to Riley’s parents and runs the town’s hippest music shop. She manages the team, and is the only one who knows about Megablast’s super powers!

Kaboom idle pose


Kaboom is a smaller-than-average boy with a giant love of science and inventing things. He can get wrapped up in his nefarious plans and tends to cause a ton of mayhem in Greenville!

Starlet idle pose


Starlet is a former child superstar who is constantly trying to recapture her glory days. When she sings into her modified microphone, her voice waves can cause all kinds of havoc!

Stewey / Gooey idle pose

Stewey / Gooey

Stewey is the youngest of Greenville’s baddies. When Stewey is stressed, he becomes Gooey, a Baddie with the ability to slime out the whole town until he calms down!

Dandelion idle pose


Dr. Dandelion is a fun yet overly enthusiastic horticulturist. His army of green minions follow his every command. His quest - to let nature take over humanity once and for all!

The Copycats idle pose

The Copycats

The Copycats are three besties coincidentally ALL named Rachel. Their favourite hobbies include roller skating, shapeshifting, and causing big time mischief!

Metal Mike idle pose

Metal Mike

This rusty robot wants nothing more than to become the best guitar shredder in the world. Now that he's updated his programming, he’s an easily corruptible agent of chaos!

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